Make your rental work for you,
not the other way around.

We’ll get (and keep!) your place rented.

Full Service Property Management

Simple, fair management fee.

We provide comprehensive property management services at a monthly flat rate of $175, regardless of the rent. Our customers save an average of 35% off traditional property management fees. Let us help increase the profitability of your investment. VerraTerra manages single family homes & multiplexes. We handle the details. You enjoy being a landlord!

Our monthly management fee is a fixed rate, regardless of rent. This covers all essential and incidental services with no limit on the hours.

Essential management services include:

  • collecting rent
  • paying property related bills
  • generating statements
  • maintaining tenant and owner accounting ledgers
  • direct depositing funds to owners.

Incidentals are things that may happen that need our attention. For example, an appliance stops working and we arrange for repair or replacement.

For example, rent is $2500. The renters regularly pay on time and we don’t hear from them otherwise. We charge our monthly flat rat.  Lets say something drastic happens, like major water leak or burst pipe. We’re on-site to meet with contractors, doing other tasks related to getting that fixed and we spend 10 hrs that month. The management fee for that month would remain the same.

Tenant Placement & Leasing Fees

$1750 or 1 months rent, whichever is less.

We offer tenant placement for clients who use our property management services. The difference between a great rental experience and a nightmare is finding the right tenant. We take care of everything, from marketing to handing over keys.

Marketing and Photos

Pictures can make or break your listing. We provide professional photos and marketing services.

Showing and Screening

Don’t worry about interrupting your day to show your property. We handle scheduling and showing.

Move In Services

We review the lease with the tenant, get it signed and collect move-in deposits on your behalf. Most property management agencies charge a leasing fee based on rent. The same set of services are provided for all homes, so how does it make sense that one property costs $1800 to lease while another costs $2350 and yet another is charged $3000? We believe our fees should be based on the service we provide, regardless of rental rate.

Finding the right tenant means low tenant turn over. Many of our clients go two or three years (sometimes longer) before needing to find a new tenant.

275+ managed rental properties

Let our experienced local managers help maximize your profits.

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