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What Not to Do When You’re Staging a Room for Sale

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Staging your house is an important part of the selling process, but only if you do it right. Keep reading to learn what not to do when staging a room.
Staging your Seattle home.

Homes for sale are on the rise in the King County area. In just the city of Seattle, homes on the market are up 86% from last year.

It’s not always easy selling a home and every day it sits on the market, you are losing money. One way to ensure a fast sale is to properly stage your home.

Wondering what to do and not to do when staging a room, but unsure where to start? Keep reading for five of our absolute no-nos for home staging.

1. Keep Personalized Decor in Sight

When buyers view your home, you want them to envision themselves living there. This can be difficult if you have cluttered personal belongings like pictures displayed everywhere.

This also applies to general style too. If you know you will be selling your home after a few years, do your best to avoid adding elements that might not appeal to the masses.

This includes things like neon colors, tiled surfaces with image details, etc. Already have some questionable elements? Pick and choose a few that make sense to tone down before listing the home.

It’s important to note that having some personal touches is a good thing. Removing everything can make the home seem cold and uninviting.

2. Skip Organizing When Staging a Room

Storage space is a high priority for many potential homeowners. They will, without question, open cabinets and closets.

Because of this, it is very detrimental to leave a cluttered closet as is for an open house.

Take the opportunity to downsize items you don’t need. Invest in some stylish storage bins or baskets. The more organized the area is, the bigger it will look.

Utilizing a good real estate agent has many benefits, including an extra set of eyes to point out areas that could use some tidying up.

3. Forget to Clean

Presenting a clean home is one of the best ways to ensure potential buyers have a good impression.

Think about it. Would you want to purchase a home that looks or smells dingy? Scrub every surface and shampoo carpets if possible.

4. Ignore the Outside

Often people forget about the value and impact curb appeal has in the housing market. First-impressions matter. If your yard is full of leaves or trash, the open house may go poorly.

Remove any dead plants. Clean flower beds if you have time. Be sure sidewalks and porches are clean and inviting.

5. Making No Repairs

While it is not wise to undertake large renovations just for listing a home, doing small repairs is a good idea.

As busy homeowners, it is easy to ignore a cracked window or unpainted baseboard. Potential buyers will not be so forgiving. Take a little time to tackle small, but important projects.

Take These Tips and Watch the Offers Come In

As you can see, there are major things to avoid when selling a home. These tips will have you a pro at staging a room in no time.

If you are looking for even more tips for selling your home, check out our list of helpful tips when preparing your home for the market.