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What Does a Property Manager Do? 5 Ways to Make Renting Easy

Seattle area property manager

What Does a Property Manager Do? Almost Everything

From collecting rent to arranging property maintenance, property managers are invaluable assets.
Seattle area property manager

When you’re wondering what does a property manager do, you’ll get a multitude of answers.

The Seattle area renter’s market is booming, with renters expecting more amenities and services. Today’s renter expects quality service, and the property manager is the driving force that makes things happen.

With that said, the job description for a property manager can vary heavily. They have to wear a lot of different hats in the name of serving their rental community.

If you are considering renting your home and are considering property management, this article is for you.

Let’s break down exactly what these managers are all about.

What Does a Property Manager Do?

The job description means different things for different properties. Here are a few of the most common property manager services:

1. Shows the Property to Prospective Renters

When people find somewhere to live, it’s usually the property manager they speak to once it’s time to take a tour. The reason for this is that he knows the most about the property, its availability, and other aspects.

They are responsible for screening tenants and will lay out the terms and obligations for turning in an application. A friendly property manager is instrumental in “selling” the property and making prospective renters fall in love with it.

2. Manages and Collects Rent Payments

These professionals also handle rent payments, which is arguably the most important part of the job.

Without the rent payments, the property won’t last and its owners aren’t getting a return on their investment. These managers must also be organized and detailed, keeping accurate records of how much money tenants have paid versus what they owe.

3. Schedules and Overseeing Maintenance and Pest Control

Once tenants move in, it’s important that they have a clean, efficient, peaceful place to live.

The property manager handles all sorts of matters to make sure that maintenance is scheduled, pest control is administered, upgrades are made, and more. A property that is not well-maintained will get bad reviews, and it will be difficult to get tenants to fill it.

4. Handles Court Hearings

Sometimes it’s necessary for rental properties to go to court. Whether they’re starting the eviction process with a tenant or addressing a suit filed against the property, the manager is usually the person speaking in front of the judge.

They partner with an attorney to collect evidence and information that will build the case. The manager may have to speak as a witness, which means they must be able to communicate clearly and remember details.

5. Represents the Brand

Above all, the property manager is the face of the property. When renters think of “the landlord” in a rental owned by you and managed by a property manager, they think of the manager. You want to be sure this face represents YOU well.

They are the first smiling face that people see when they walk into the office, and this will dictate customers’ first impression. This is why most property managers are very personable and engaging.

The property manager may even be part of commercials and other marketing tools.

Learn More about Rental Properties

What does a property manager do?

These points will help you learn the ropes and apply this information how you see fit. Let these points inform you, whether you’re a prospective landlord or someone looking to get involved in the real estate business.

You need to always do your research on these sorts of points.

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