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The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

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If you own a Seattle area rental but don’t really want to deal with the business of it, that’s a good reason to hire a property manager. Here are some other reasons to consider hiring a property manager to help you with your rental.
hire a property manager

When a model tenant occupies your well-maintained rental property, life is good.

But what about when the rent is late, or the phone rings at 3 am for a leaky toilet?

Maybe it’s time to hire a property manager.

Not convinced?

Well, there’s showing your property, screening applicants and collecting rent to contend with, too.

These all take enough time to turn your passive rental income into a second job.

Need more convincing? The 5 reasons below should do the trick.

5 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

1. They Find Quality Tenants

Rental property managers have the resources and experience to find the highest quality tenants. Their marketing brings in large numbers of potential tenants, and their screening identifies the best ones for your property.

Your property manager shows your rental, processes rental applications, and handles all the necessary screening. Best of all, they do this while complying with all applicable laws.

2. Someone Else Gets the 2 AM Maintenance Call – Not You

Your rental property needs regular maintenance and repairs – just like your own home does. Maintaining one home is enough work, agreed?

When you hire a Seattle area property manager, they make sure little issues don’t turn into big ones. They handle the cleaning and repairs after a tenant moves out. They also have a network of trusted, reasonably-priced contractors.

3. Rent Collection Made Easy

How would you handle the first time your tenant tells you he doesn’t have this month’s rent?

A rental property manager understands you need the rent on time. Your rental property is a business, after all. Their automated rent collection process ensures detailed record keeping, so you are more likely to get paid – every month – without having awkward conversations with your tenants.

If a payment is missed, your property manager responds immediately and documents all steps taken to collect in case there’s legal action in the future.

4. The Legal Stuff

About that legal action…

Did you know in Washington, there’s a Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, but no government agency enforces it?

A professional property manager knows the law and makes sure you’re on the right side of it. There’s no easier way to turn your investment into a money pit than to get sued by your tenant.

5. No Being the Bad Guy

Conflicts happen when you need to enforce lease terms. That’s why this vital job is left to your Seattle area rental property manager. They’re trained and experienced in handling all types of conflict and know the proper steps to take.

You’ll especially appreciate the value of a good property manager should you need to evict a tenant. They handle the red tape and make sure the legal process is followed, to the letter.

DIY Is for the Birds

Your Seattle area rental is most valuable when a stable, long-term tenant occupies it. Not only does your rent arrive on time, every month but your maintenance and repair costs are kept to a minimum.

A property manager will work hard and use the best tools to put a quality tenant in your rental home.

If things go wrong, you can trust your property manager to handle the situation professionally and in compliance with all applicable laws. This saves you money, time and stress.

VerraTerra has managed rental properties in the Seattle area since 2009. Our approach is unique and designed to maximize your rental profits.

To hire a property manager for your rental home, reach out to us today.