VerraTerra Reviews
We live for happy clients

James assisted us in selling our home in 2009. Despite a major slump in the housing market, James was able to get us top dollar for our Bothell home. We were extremely happy with his services. James took amazing pictures of our house and used them to market our house via the web and on his beautiful, unique For Sale sign posted outside our home. He thoroughly researched comparable listings in the area and made sure that we were reasonably priced and later skillfully negotiated with the buyers agent. In addition, since we were living out of state by the time of the inspection and sale, James went above and beyond by independently coordinating numerous contractors so that we could have a few items repaired and serviced on our home in order to meet the requests of our buyers. He was in constant contact with us. James clearly takes great pride in providing fabulous customer service. I would definitely use VerraTerra’s services again and would recommend it to family and friends.

–Jay and Deeann, Bothell

I would like to share our awesome experience we had with our agent James Hsu.  My husband and I wanted to buy a larger home, but we were in a situation where we didn’t have to move, so we were very picky.  During that period, there were times when James discouraged us from certain houses due to his doubts about whether the house would meet our needs.  He never hurried us or pressured us.  He did, however, run numbers for us many times and created many charts assessing house and neighborhood values when we found homes we were interested in.  We know that took many hours of his time. Eventually, with James help, we landed an amazing deal.  He helped us through a short sale purchase that was an incredible deal. We ended up getting a house which was 1,000 square feet bigger then we were searching for, with an amazing view, and it was brand new house!  This house is leaps and bounds better then anything else we had looked at in the price range.  Without the patient  help from James throughout this process, we would not have ended up with such an unbelievable house.  James really seems to care about the people he works with and thoroughly inspects houses  he takes his customers in, as if he is purchasing it himself. We were amazed at his intelligence level related  to understanding the market, his knowledge in real estate, and his ability to work numbers.

I have already recommended James to one of my great friends and I would recommend him to anyone who wants an agent who will work hard to help them accomplish their goals.

— Frank and Jeri, Mukilteo

James brings a fresh approach to real estate and isn’t afraid to shake up the industry for a much needed change to bring it into today’s market.  He leverages technology and statistics in the most friendly comprehensible manner to give you an edge.  I have sold and purchased a house with James.  Without hesitation, I would call him again.

–Curtis and Vida,  Mount Vernon

I was a first time homebuyer, and my friend recommended James partially since James was pretty big on IM, which is actually my preferred method of communication. I work in software so I’m always in front of a computer so it was nice getting realtime updates. But, as I soon learned, that was just the preview of how awesome James was.

I had a list of requirements that made it tough to find the perfect place. James was very patient and had my best interest in mind. He had no ulterior motive and didn’t try to push me or anything. He’s done renovations on his personal properties, so he had lots of personal knowledge on what sort of work and cost was required to update any given thing in a house…definitely helped put things into perspective.

I found James to be a very amiable person, someone that you can hang out with and discuss anything. He has a refreshing approach on real estate, which seems much more suitable in today’s world, which still seems to be dominated by industry veterans that seem to be out of touch and cling on to antiquated ways.

— Roger, Issaquah

If you are a new home buyer, it doesn’t matter how much research you do, or how much you think you know, there’s soo much that you don’t know!  James helped walk us through all of it.  What other agent takes the time to explain things over and over, to patiently walk through every step of the buying process including helping to find the information about recent house sales in the area and staying up with us till 3am! while we were running numbers over and over trying to figure out how much to offer.  When you’re house shopping, it’s easy to overlook the “little” things you think you can fix. James helped us look at things more clearly, so we could find the best house for us.  You won’t regret going with James to buy or sell.

–Vivien and Dan, Seattle