FAQ for Sellers

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FAQ for VerraTerra - Seller QuestionsDoes the sellSmart! Listing Plan apply to any house?
Yes and no. It applies to to any house not facing foreclosure or in the process of being foreclosed. It does not apply to homes that would be a short sale. If your listing starts out not as a short sale and unfortunately becomes a short sale, our closing fees will increase to the short sale fee amount. sellSmart! also does not apply to new construction developments or bank owned sales. Both of these types of listings are addressed under the Seller section of this website.

When exactly is the setup fee due for the sellSmart or the FSBO-Assist listing plans?
You will be given an invoice when the listing contract and other paperwork is done. The invoice is due by the agreed upon listing date. If payment is not received by the listing date, publishing of the listing will be delayed until we have received payment.

Are the setup fees refundable?

What happens if I run out of flyers in a given month?
Under the sellSmart! Listing Plan you are entitled to 50 flyers per month.  If you don’t need any new flyers yet, then we won’t waste the paper.  When you need more, … just let us know and we’ll get a new set to you asap.  Under FSBO Assist plan, the only allotment of flyers that come with the plan are the ones you get at the beginning.  If you’d like more, we can print more for you or you can get them printed on your own.  Our full color prints are 25 cents per side.   This should be about half the price at most retail stores that do color prints.

What if I need to take the house off the market for a while? Do I need to pay the setup fee again when I’m ready to re-list?
You can take the house off the market at any time. Please make your request through your listing agent. When you’re ready to re-list, assuming all of the existing work can be re-used when you re-list , you will only pay a $100 re-listing fee. The $100 covers our costs to get the house back on the market. If the original sign post was not removed, the re-list fee is lowered to $50.

If I choose one of the optional print advertising services, do I get a choice of which newspaper or magazine my ad will be placed in?
Absolutely. It would make little sense to only publish in one publication when your area may favor a different publication. Payment for the ad will be required before we send the advertisement off to the newspaper or magazine.

What is the turn-around time to get a listing on the market?
We have a roughly 1-week turnaround time from when photographs are taken.