Sell Your Home

Changing Times In Real Estate

Thanks to online tools available for buyers, sellers and real estate agents the cost of selling a home in the Seattle area has gone down substantially.

Print advertising is no longer the most cost effective way to reach buyers (was it ever?). Buyers can easily locate homes for sale with a quick web search. Full color photos and virtual walk-thrus help accurately display a home’s features.

So why are traditional real estate agents still getting paid 6% on the sale price of a home? We think there’s a better way.  At VerraTerra Real Estate, we feel sellers should pay one fair, fixed rate to sell their home.

Sell Your House with VerraTerra

We recognize the role of Seattle area agents has changed, yet traditional real estate practices aren’t keeping up with the times. At VerraTerra, we find it difficult to justify the traditional percentage based costs associated with selling real estate in the Seattle area. This is why we do business differently.

We’d like to introduce to you the VerraTerra way. Our sellSmart! listing plan represents our answer to the flaws we found within the real estate industry.

sellSmart! Listing vs. Traditional Listings

VerraTerra sellSmart! Listing Plan –  designed for any home seller who wants first class end-to-end service and support, high quality and effective marketing for a fair and justifiable cost that isn’t based on the value of your house. It’s most comparable to a traditional listing service, except we’ve made the services that are both expensive and usually ineffective optional.

  • VerraTerra uses an easy fixed fee, not a commission based on the sale price of your home. In most cases, is saves our clients a median of $6005.
  • With VerraTerra, all critical services are included. Expensive (and usually ineffective) services are optional and priced separately.
  • The sellSmart! listing plan doesn’t apply to short sales, bank owned or new construction developments.

As your Seattle area listing agent, we provide set up, monthly and closing services. We walk you through the process of selling your home to the final exchange of keys. We list and sell your home for the best price as quickly as possible. We provide expert representation, contract negotiations and real estate transaction assistance.  Our expertise makes the process of listing and selling your Seattle home go as smoothly as possible!

What’s Included? Everything You Need!

Setup Services

  • Listing Published in NWMLS and syndicated to all major realty websites
  • Customizable For-Sale sign with flyer box
  • Key box lease for life of listing
  • Full color flyers
  • In-depth pricing and market analysis
  • Photography session
  • Online advertising
  • Unlimited client support and pre-listing consultation

Monthly Services

  • Unlimited color flyers per month as needed
  • Customer service for seller, prospective buyers and their agents
  • Generate and provide competition status reports
  • Showing feedback from agents/buyers
  • Renew online advertising as needed to ensure constant exposure
  • Monthly review of market/competition with seller to discuss pricing and/or marketing strategy

Closing Services

  • Review, analyze and negotiate all offers received
  • Manage the closing process and all parties involved to ensure a smooth-as-possible closing
  • Arrange for any repairs or maintenance items as needed prior to closing (costs billed to seller)
  • Coordinate with sellers/buyers/buyer’s agent on closing process, key exchange, etc.

Optional Services

Our research on how buyers are finding homes have shown that these three items are, for the most part, ineffective. Due to their high cost and very low return, we have made them optional services. Optional services must be paid for when ordered and is above and beyond the cost of the sellSmart! listing plan.

  • Newspaper Ads – Your choice of newspaper and size of ad. Cost to the client is cost of ad + $50.
  • Magazine Ads – Your choice of magazine. Cost to the client is cost of ad + $150.
  • Open Houses – An agent staffed open house is $200 per three hour open house.

sellSmart! Listing Plan Costs

We perform the same set of services for all Seattle area houses for sale. It only makes sense that our fixed fee is the same for every house.

  • Set up Fee:  $1500 – due when the listing goes live
  • Closing Fee:  $4500 – due when the sale of the house is complete
  • Note: These costs are for the listing agent only. Seller is still responsible for providing a commission for the buyer’s agent.