Tenant FAQ

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What does VerraTerra Property Management screen for?

We use Orca Information, a local tenant screening firm.  They provide us with credit reports, criminal background reports, court records, employment verification and current and previous landlord references.  In addition to this, we may request additional documentation from the applicant once we’ve begun to review all the reports we receive from Orca.  We have a documented acceptance criteria that we provide every applicant a copy of, however we do consider an applicant’s whole picture rather than focus on a single number such as a credit score.  We’ve found that a credit score alone sometimes does not provide an accurate assessment of an applicant’s financial responsibility.

How long does the screening process take?
Generally, the credit, criminal and court records take a day.  Employment verification can take 24-48 hours or longer if the employer does not get back to us.  Rental references can also take 1-5 days depending on how quickly your current and/or previous landlord takes to reply.  We will usually let you know if we’re having trouble getting a response from either the employer or the landlord so you can give them a nudge.

What utilities are the tenant responsible for?
For single-family homes, all the utilities are the tenant’s responsibility.  For condos and townhomes, it can vary depending on what the HOA dues cover, but usually electric/gas and phone/cable/internet remain the tenant’s responsiblity. Ask your property manager for specifics to your property for an exact answer.  HOA dues are usually the owner’s responsibility to pay.

Do we help people find rental homes?
Generally no, unless it’s a house in our inventory.  The value we could bring to helping find a rental is very small.  The sources we would use are all available to the general public.  Best sites to find a rental property are craigslist.com, hotpads.com, zillow.com and padmapper.com.

How can a tenant pay rent?
The simplest is paying online through our Tenant Portal. Link can be found in the sidebar menu.

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the 5th.  Rent received on the 6th or later is considered late and will be charged a late fee according to the lease agreement.

What maintenance am I responsible for and what is the owner responsible for?
Tenants are generally responsible for basic maintenance.  Vacuuming, cleaning, changing light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, furnace filters as well as any problems you would have caused such as unclogging toilets, drains, etc.  would also be the tenant’s responsibility.  Owners responsibility are more geared toward bigger things, like cleaning the gutters, re-barking the yard, servicing the inside of the furnace, fixing the roof, etc.   However, damage that was done outside of normal wear and tear would be the tenant’s financial responsibility.


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