Rental Application

Thank you for your interest in a professionally managed VerraTerra rental property. 

To apply, please click on the appropriate link below.  A new window will open and take you to a 3rd party site that hosts our applications and accesses our screening service.  You will need the full address of the property you are applying for. If you are applying jointly with another person, both applications must be completed before your application will be processed.

**Please Note**Your full social security number is required in the application. If incomplete, you may lose your place in the application queue. 

For Seattle Rentals

Go to SEATTLE application To apply for a Seattle rental, (ie, it has “Seattle” in the address), use this application.  If you use this application for a non-Seattle rental (ie, Bellevue, Shoreline, Lynnwood, etc.) it will be delayed or rejected. You will have to re-apply. 

For All Other Rentals

Go to rental application This application is for all VerraTerra rental properties EXCEPT those in Seattle. If you are applying for a Seattle property and you use this application, it will be delayed, rejected, or incorrectly processed and you will have to apply again.