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Seattle area homowners, stop stressing over home maintenance!

Maintenance Only Property Management in King and Snohomish County

How Our Management Team Helps PNW Homeowners

What is home maintenance? How does home maintenance enhance your home value and save costs in the long run? If you find yourself asking these questions, we can help.

Being a homeowner in Western Washington is tough, especially when it comes to keeping up with the maintenance and repairs. Some things may be easy to fix on your own, but there will be times when you need someone to just take care of things for you. Plus, let’s face it, life gets busy and it’s hard to find time to keep up.

If you own a home in King or Snohomish county, read on to see how our property managers can help make your life easier.

Save Time

Our Maintenance Only Property Management makes your life easier, so you can focus on what matters most to you. It’s perfect if you’re too busy or inexperienced to handle home maintenance. Ignoring it can lead to bigger, more expensive problems later.

Protect Your Home

With our property management plan, you won’t have to worry about HVAC filters, gutters or other maintenance. Leave it to our team to complete a maintenance assessment, create a maintenance plan and be your point of contact for any home repairs.

Peace of Mind

Your home maintenance is handled by home repair specialists in our trusted network. No need to worry about finding someone experienced and reliable on your own. For specialty jobs, we partner with vetted professionals and manage scheduling for you.

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How It Works

When you sign up for the Maintenance Only Property Management plan, we review your home systems. Using these findings, your property manager creates a maintenance plan that fits your budget and schedule. If anything needs fixing, just contact your property manager by phone, text or email. We’ll take care of it with trusted home repair specialists and professionals.

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