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How Important is Staging Your Home When You Put it on the Market?

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So, you’re ready to sell your home. That’s great! However, you may be wrestling with the idea of staging your home. Before you decide for or against it, you’ll want to read this article to find out if staging is worth the investment.

With spring resale values rising 1.1 percent, homes are in high demand. This means it’s a seller’s market – great news if you’re considering putting your home up for sale in this booming housing market.

If you’re excited about the possibility of making a considerable profit from selling your home during a booming economy, then we’d like to let you in on a little secret: Staging your home will yield an even bigger profit. In fact, for every $100 you spend on staging, you’ll get $400 in return. Not only that but staging your home sells it for 17 percent more!

Think about it, for a small investment; you could be earning a big profit staging your home. Continue to learn more about the professional staging process.

What is Home Staging, Anyway?

staging your home

Home staging helps improves the interior look of a home to attract potential buyers. Whether it’s a fresh new coat of paint in the kitchen or a completely new living room furniture set, the way you change up the decor of your home can deliver proven results.

Staging your home in an inviting way allows visitors to imagine what it feels like to live in your home, without that photo of your Aunt Martha staring back at them.

What to Expect from a Home Stager

If you’re considering hiring someone to stage your home, it’s similar to hiring an interior decorator. During your first appointment, the stager will visit your home to assess your needs and how you can work together to reach your goals.

One of the top goals is to charm people’s socks off, all while getting your home sold for top dollar. A home stager will be able to see your diamond in the rough home (and all of its flaws) and polish it until it sparkles.

Staging Your Home 101

An experienced home stager will give your home a thorough assessment, room by room, and recommend a variety of improvements for you to consider. They will look at the furniture you own and decide what to keep and what to put in storage during an open house. Once you agree on a budget, everything else will fall easily into place.

Depending on your home’s attributes and misgivings, a stager will work hard to spotlight your home’s best features like those nine-foot ceilings, while turning the dimmer switch down on those less appealing ones like the linoleum in your bathroom.

How Your Home Will Change

No matter how different your home ends up looking, remember to keep your focus on the end goal of selling your home. A few changes to expect might be adding a contemporary chandelier to the kitchen to modernize the space or recommending you declutter your bedroom to depersonalize the home further.

During the staging process, the stager will incorporate items such as large framed works of art, drapes, statues, sculptures, large area rugs, settees, ottomans, and fresh flowers into the home. And while it might not be a style you’re completely fond of, trust your professional home stager to do their thing.

Ready, Set, Stage, Sell!

Now that you’ve got a few tips for staging your home, we hope you might consider taking the next step to finding a realtor to sell your home for you! Contact us when you’re ready to sell your home. We’re here to help you make your seller’s dreams come true.