Home Maintenance Simplified – New Service for Western Washington Homeowners

HVAC service technician changing dirty air filter in the central ventilation system. Change filter in rotary heat exchanger recuperator. Air duct ventilation system maintenance for clean air.

Are you overwhelmed with keeping up on home maintenance?
Are you shocked to learn you should be replacing your HVAC filters every 90 days?
Are you asking yourself what an HVAC filter even is?

Do you secretly wish you were a renter so someone else could handle it?

It’s ok. You aren’t alone. You’ve found a safe space.

Big business continues to grow in Western Washington. This has been providing ample opportunity for young professionals to purchase homes. It’s estimated the tech sector in Washington state will see a nearly 4% growth rate in 2024, in spite of layoffs in the previous years. These professionals, adept in programming, marketing, and management, might find themselves less versed in the nuances of home maintenance. Similarly, in places like Mill Creek, Bothell, Mountlake Terrace, long-standing homeowners, many nearing or enjoying retirement, face challenges in keeping up with the home maintenance demands of their older homes.

Recognizing this gap, VerraTerra, a Bothell Washington property management company, embarked on a journey of market research and consultations with our network of home repair professionals. The outcome is our meticulously designed Maintenance Only Property Management service. Tailored for both the ambitious professional and the serene retiree, this service promises to take the hassle out of home maintenance. From conducting an initial home review to developing a personalized maintenance plan, our team is dedicated to ensuring your home remains in pristine condition, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

With VerraTerra’s new service, peace of mind and the integrity of your home are just a consultation away. Discover how we can help you maintain your home effortlessly at VerraTerra.

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