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Earn $100 For Each Referred Client

Real Estate Referral with a man and a woman

Fixed Fee Real Estate Is Just Better

VerraTerra is a real estate and property management agency in the Seattle area. We offer fixed fee real estate listings and management fees. When you do business in a way that saves clients money, while still providing end-to-end services, word gets around.

“Most our business comes from referrals from past customers or people who’ve heard how we treat customers better. Even if they haven’t done business with us yet, we want to say thank you for those referrals.” – James Hsu, VerraTerra Founder

Real Estate Referral
Help a friend and earn some cash!

The new referral program begins in February, 2018. We will pay $100 for every referred client who signs a contract with VerraTerra (real estate or property management).

The referred client just needs to mention the name of the person who sent them and provide current contact information so we can send the check!

Have questions? Give us a call. 206-408-8077