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Can Professional Property Photos Help Sell Your Home?

Professional Property Photo

Sell or Rent Your Seattle Area Home Faster with Professional Property Photos

A listing without a professional photo? Don’t even consider it. Read on how professional property photos can help sell your home faster.

So you’re looking to sell or rent your Seattle area home and you’re wondering if you need to hire a professional to take photos of your property!

Did you know that 90% of homebuyers research listings online and that homes with professional photography sold faster and closer to their list price than those without?

Do you still need convincing that professional property photos are worth the price? Then read on!

Professional Property Photographers Know the Industry

Professional Property Photos

When a buyer scrolls through photos on a home listing they aren’t just looking to see what color scheme you chose for your living room.

They want to be able to understand the flow of the home without being there in person. They want to know the distance from the kitchen to the dining room, where the nearest bathroom to the family room is, etc.

Professional property photographers know how to compose a photo that tells potential buyers how they could navigate and live in a space. They understand what angles and perspectives to use that will highlight your property.

It’s the difference between a picture that shows what’s inside a room and a picture that helps someone imagine themselves in that space.

They Have the Necessary Equipment

If you’re like most photography hobbyists then you might have a few lenses and a tripod, (or an expensive smartphone).

What about a drone that can capture a high definition aerial shot of your home? What about advanced lighting techniques and lamps that bathe a dark basement in natural light?

What about professional grade lenses for every depth and light? What about professional editing software?

You might not have these, but the professional who takes your property photos likely does have all the necessary equipment or at least access to it.

Professionals Don’t Make Those Common Mistakes in Property Photos

Have you ever laughed when you saw a listing photo where the homeowner is reflected holding their iPhone in the master bathroom mirror? Some telltale signs of amateur photography also include:

  • A pet dashing through the shot
  • A stray sock
  • A dirty dish

Another benefit of a professional property photographer is that they’re likely to spot these otherwise insignificant details in a picture and either prevent it or edit it out during post-production.

And while there’s nothing wrong with a dog walking around your home, most buyers want the photos on a listing to show an immaculate home that represents a fresh start.

They want to see a photo and imagine their family sitting together playing a game, not the pile of dirty socks that got left in the living room by the last owner.

The End Result Catches the Eye and Tells the Story

Professional kitchen photo

With better training, composition techniques, and equipment it’s a no-brainer that pro-property photos are eye-catching and beautiful.

Many home listing websites have done research to show that professional photography helps homes sell faster and for more money. They have higher click rates and get more views than listings with amateur photos.

So while hiring a professional to take your property photos requires an initial investment, the numbers tell us that it almost always pays off.

Yes. A Picture IS Worth A Thousand Words.

VerraTerra knows photo-centric ads and listings are what draw people in. We hire vetted professional photographers for every real estate listing or rental property we manage.

Our photographers use a technique called High Dynamic Range (HDR). This allows us to capture the image of the property so it looks natural, like your eyes naturally see when you are in the home.

We also include aerial photos for view properties, those located on the water or with more acreage to provide a stunning image for potential buyers or renters.

So what now? Put down your DSLR camera or smartphone and contact a listing agent who can help you capture the images you need.

When your house sells faster (and for more!) and your rental property rents quickly and for more, you’ll thank us!