Welcome to Part 2 of the Owner Management Agreement. Part 2 consists of several addendums that are currently incompatible with our software to send for online signatures. Thus we need to rely on Docusign for the addendums.

If you haven’t completed Part 1 yet, the main Owner Management Agreement which contains duties and responsibilities of both the Owner and the Property Manager, fee structures, etc., please contact your Property Manager.


1. Click this link to be taken to the Addendums. It will launch a separate Docusign hosted web page whose address should start with “https://powerforms.docusign.net/”

2. You will be asked to provide your name and email address and then Docusign will attempt to verify that email address.

3. Docusign will send you an email with subject line, “Email Verification: Owner Management Addenda Packet.” Within the email in the blue section will be a Signing Validation Code. Copy the code and enter it into the Docusign page when prompted.

3. Go through the forms (detailed below), fill out the pertinent information, click to sign or initial in the marked areas until it says you’re finished!

The documents in the Addendum packet include the following:

  • Utility Information – Check off which utility company serves your property or write it in. Include mailbox # and garbage day in the appropriate field.
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure – If your house is built prior to 1978, this form must be filled out. Leave blank if your property is built in 1978 or later.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization – We direct deposit all rent money. Please triple check the account and routing numbers you provide.
  • HOA Contact Information – If your property is within a Homeowner’s or Condo Association, please supply the contact information for the HOA or the building’s manager. If your property does not have an HOA, please write N/A and move to the next form.
  • Owner Guidelines & House Preparation Checklist – Informational. How to prep your house for a renter.
  • Eviction Procedures – Informational. Timelines , procedures, and potential costs of an eviction.
  • IRS Form W9 – Please fill out. VerraTerra Property Management will not send collected rents to Owners until we have a W9 on file. SSN and EIN are set as required fields. Fill the appropriate one out for you and enter in Zero’s for the other.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact your property manager or the main office at info@verraterra.com.