Giving Back

Giving back to the community has always been important to my family and I. Over the years, my wife and I have donated to many wonderful organizations as well as to family and friends raising money for the charitiesthey support. However, there is one organization in particular that I want VerraTerra to be a part of and that is Seattle Children’s Hospital. My wife worked there for a number of years and was deeply touched by the kids and their families. Ever since then, we have donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital during the annual One Big Kiss for Seattle Children’s Hospital Radiothon hosted by radio personalities Jackie and Bender of Kiss 106.1 FM. Some years we would all go to the hospital to show our support for a particular family we knew. Other years we would just phone in our donation. But for as much as the hospital was a part of our lives because of my wife’s time there, little did we know how much more Seattle Children’s Hospital would become an integral part of our family.

We had always appreciated having a nationally recognized hospital for children so close to us. It was where we took our eldest child to when he had a severe allergic reaction. It’s where our friends took their kids for a broken bone. It’s where thousands of parents take their kids for all sorts of problems. In early 2008, my wife and I welcomed our beautiful twin boys into the world. The joy and excitement of the twins unfortunately came to a sudden end when the evening before we were to go home, the younger of the twins was diagnosed with a heart defect. After ten difficult, nerve-racking months and two surgeries, the latter being the dreaded open heart surgery, we were fortunate to have our youngest child healthy again. Our experience there was nothing short of amazing. Our experience is not unique. Every parent we know that has utilized the hospital’s services have told us how much they felt cared for and how much they felt their kids mattered by the doctors, nurses and staff.

Not only did Seattle Children’s Hospital help us emotionally and physically with a successful surgery, but they also helped us financially when we needed it the most. The real estate market crash in 2008, coupled with my wife having to leave her job to care for our youngest child full time put an enormous strain on our finances. With our two other kids needing child care plus COBRA insurance payments that nearly equaled our mortgage payments we found ourselves in a position where we couldn’t afford our son’s monthly medical supplies when our insurance capped our benefits for them. Since we couldn’t go without these supplies, Seattle Children’s Hospital stepped up and helped cover the cost of them.

Our Family at the 2009 Radiothon with Jackie and Bender

Today, I’m able to watch my little boy grow up with his brothers, ask a million questions and live a happy life . For all of it, we are eternally grateful to the hospital and want to continue having Seattle Children’s a part of our lives and now our business. VerraTerra will donate $100 to Seattle Children’s Hospital for each sale we close and make a lump sum donation during the annual radiothon. We are thrilled to be able to do this and will recognize all the clients that helped make it possible each year on our website.

From my family to yours, we thank you for choosing VerraTerra for your real estate services and for your support of Seattle Children’s Hospital.

James Hsu

P.S. A special thanks goes out to Dr. Soriano, Dr. Permut and all the nurses and staff in the cardiology and cardiac surgery units and Lorioux Loup of Clear Speech, Inc for the nearly two years of feeding therapy. THANK YOU!