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4 Benefits of Listing Your Home with a Flat Fee Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent in front of house for sale ready to presenting offer.
Trying to decide what type of real estate agent you should work with? Take a look at these four benefits of listing your home with a flat fee real estate agent.

Real estate agent in front of house for sale ready to presenting offer. Are you selling your Seattle area home?

Most homeowners are familiar with realtors who work for commission on total percentage of the sales price. A less common, yet often more beneficial option, is working with a flat fee realtor.

The flat fee listing entails paying an inclusive price that’s determined prior to the sale. This service saves in realtor costs by helping avoid the unfeasible commission structure.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the traditional percentage based costs method, we’re with you. Let’s talk about 4 reasons you should list your home with a flat fee agent instead.

1. Flat Fee Listings Help You Plan Ahead

What’s great about this service is your realtor’s fee will not fluctuate with your selling price. No matter whether your home sells for greater or lesser than it’s asking price, you’ll pay the same.

Knowing the cost associated with your sale can help you plan for the future. It’s likely you’re also on the look-out for a new home. So, knowing what fees you’re entitled to pay can help you budget for your new venture.

2. You Save Money With Flat Fee Real Estate Services

The number one advantage to working with a flat fee real estate agent is the money you’ll save. On average, flat-fee agents save their clients a median of $6005. That’s a few extra thousand you can spend on a down payment!

The median price of homes in Snohomish County is $478,615. Most commission-based real estate agents charge roughly 3%, so you’d owe over $14,000. In King County, the median price is $650,000, which translates to almost $20,000 in realtor costs.

Most flat fee realtors will not charge nearly that much for their services. On average, most of these discount real estate agents come in at 1.5% of the total purchase price.

At VerraTerra, in Mill Creek, Washington, our flat fee real estate services are 1% and never more than $6,000, no matter how much your home sells for. Considering the price for real estate in Washington, this means the percentage is often much less than 1% overall when you work with our real estate agents.

3. Pay Less Even if You Sell for More

Especially as of late, it’s common to see real estate buyers go into bidding wars over homes. In fact, the Seattle housing market tops the rest of the nation in bidding wars and price gains. Family homes in this area increased over 12% from 2016 to 2017.

So, in the event your home sells for more than its asking price, you’ll be in good shape. You’ll get to walk away with more than originally predicted.

4. You Receive the Same Value

Just because you’re saving half in realtor costs doesn’t mean you’re skimping on value. Flat fee agents still handle the ins and outs of home selling.

Their services include set-up, such as listing the property in an MLS and capturing photos. They’re also responsible for providing monthly services and ongoing client support.

Once you’ve found a buyer, your agent will manage the closing process to ensure it goes smoothly. They’ll coordinate between you and the seller, and help negotiate offers.

Experience the Luxury of Working with a Flat Fee Realtor

You save both time and money from partnering with a flat fee real estate agent that knows the Seattle area market. These agents list and sell your home for the best price as quickly as possible, while providing an expert recommendation.

Let VerraTerra help redefine your home selling process. Contact us today to learn more about our flat fee services.