City of Seattle Proposing Legislation To Make People With Arrests/Conviction Records a Protected Class


Fair housing laws were created to prevent individuals from being unfairly discriminated against when it came to housing. At the federal level, no one can be discriminated because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin in the sale, rental, or advertising of a residential property. Each of these are considered protected classes. At the city level, each city … [Read more...]

Is There a Difference Between a Discount and a Full Fee Real Estate Agent?

VerraTerra - Being Different

I was recently part of a short discussion on Trulia Voices regarding agents that discount their commission verses agents that charge a "full" fee. The discussion was directed towards sellers though the vast majority of respondents were agents. The overwhelming majority opinion from the other real estate agents was that "full" fee agents were better than an agent that would discount their … [Read more...]

November Puget Sound Real Estate Statistics

November Pending Sales - Seattle Area Real Estate

Demand November's real estate figures are out and the seasonal slow down has finally presented itself. The most surprising part is this month's pending sales volume was better than each of the last three years! Take a look at the graph. It just beat out November 2009 and 2007. What this means is consumer demand (even in a wintery, cold, and snowy month like we had) remains comparatively … [Read more...]

Real Estate Commission Craziness – What value can an agent bring to be paid $500K on one sale?

Big payday for an Agent

No I'm not talking about $500,000 as a home's sale price.  I'm talking about $500,000 in commissions that would be paid to a real estate agent. The Puget Sound Business Journal had a post about a new house in Mercer Island going up for sale for $28.8 million dollars.  I pulled the listing up and sure enough….$28.8 million dollar home.  It's obviously a beyond gorgeous house.  What caught my … [Read more...]

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